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Roof Restorations

Over time our tiled roofs are exposed to wind rain and the harsh Perth sun which slowly bakes and cooks your roof resulting in cracking, fading and chips.

As tile roofs age, they can have a multitude of issues. The mortar work breaks down meaning the ridge caps become loose and can blow off in high winds. The tiles become brittle and break allowing water leaks to occur. Valleys rust out and roof flashings start to break down. At some point re-roofing becomes inevitable.

Hundreds of colours & styles

HT Roofing we specialises in full roof restorations. Your roof will look entirely new after we have restored it! We will replace all chipped and broken tiles, replace rusted valley irons, pressure clean your roof with 3,500psi water pressure and remove, re-bed and point all cement work.

When it comes to roof restoration we deliver quality products, workmanship and good old fashioned customer service to ensure you have the desired results throughout your roof restoration.

Roof restoration is a great way to add value to your home.  The street appeal of a newly restored roof instantly makes your house look newer and neater.  If your looking at selling a roof restoration from HT Roofing is a fantastic way to help your sell your home quickly for the best possible price.


“Thankyou to Tim from HT Roofing.  He was very quick to act when our roof started leaking.  The roof was repaired almost immediately. He took the took the time to explain the problem and was done to fix the problem”


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